INPPC in Media

Media plays the role of communicator and  has to inform the people on issues of vital importance. It has to educate, motivate, persuade and entertain. They must have their fingers on the pulse of the people and has a pious obligation not to jeopardise or harm the welfare of the society. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said "The newspaper press is a great power, but just as an unchained torrent of water submerges the whole country side and devastates crops even so an uncontrolled pen serves but to destroy". With the enormous power the press exercises it has  a social responsibility  to aid and assist in implementing development  programmes meant for health, education etc. and it  has an extremely delicate and important role to play.


When we talk about Rotary’s Polio eradication program in India,   the polio campaign is covered and written about reasonably widely in the leading electronic channels & National dailies like The Times of India, The Pioneer, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Navbharat Times, Rashtriya Sahara, Aaj & in various Vernacular dailies regularly and constantly for the past  few years.  Events organized by  INPPC have caught incredible media attention.