Hi I’m Sania Mirza. I have been very happy

to be a partner in the Rotary’s  Polio Eradication

Program in India. Through this, I have had a

chance to understand the disease better,

by talking to children who have polio and the

people who are working to get rid of the disease.

It has been good to be part of such a historic initiative.

I know there is still a lot of work to be done before

we can be sure the country is polio-free and that we

must all work very hard and very fast to make this

a reality in 2005. I will be happy to do my part

by continuing to play the matchpoint against polio.







We CANNOT let it be “yesterday once more”!   

We CANNOT let oeur guard down in other parts of the country.

We CANNOT let rumours damage the eradication drive.

We CANNOT let political will flag.

We CANNOT let the world down!

“Arise, Awake and stop not, till the goal is reached”

Let's join hands with Rotary International in their last battle

to wipe out Polio from India.

Why so many times?

Polio can only be eradicated from India and the World if we are able to 

remove the harmful virus from the environment, which is only possible 
through repeated immunization.

Every child below 5 years must be immunized. 100% coverage will 
mean that the harmful virus will not have a change to infect any 
child and hence prevent its spread.

The Polio Vaccine is harmless and does not have any side effects.



Rotary has vowed to eradicate polio from India.

Polio is a dreaded disease. There is no cure if child suffers with Polio.

Prevention by vaccination is the only way out.  Get your child vaccinated with Polio drops. Polio drops are safe and harmless.

Watch out for next Pulse Polio Immunisation drive, if you have your child upto 5 years of age do not fail to take him to the nearest Immunisation booth.

I am with Rotary in their quest to kick Polio out of India and the World.

Let’s make it happen and build a healthy nation.

No shot – No prick – Polio vaccination is safe and quick.


I am with Rotary in their quest to kick Polio finally out of India.

Yes ! together we can do it, in 2004 for sure !!

Juhi Parmar (Kumkum)