Frequently asked questions

Why is Polio still occurring when Polio drops are given so many times to children ?

Polio is still seen because many children do not get Polio drops through routine or Pulse Polio vaccination drives. Polio does not occur in completely vaccinated children. Missed children continue to harbour the Polio-virus and its transmission continues uninterrupted.

How long will the Pulse Polio drive continue?

We must go on till Polio cases stop occurring in children. We are planning more rounds per year to finish the work as early as possible.

Why so many doses?

Many countries have eradicated Polio after a lot of hard work. Similar work is being done in India. Steps are taken not to miss any child during Pulse Polio. More rounds per year are planned. We know where the problems are and where the virus is still circulating. We are overcoming them and intensifying eradication efforts. Experts are confident that, with these steps, Polio should be eradicated from India very soon.

Will not so many Polio drops harm my child ?

Polio drops are very safe. The more the number of drops, the more protection your child gets. Polio drops administered during Pulse Polio to all children, eliminates the harmful Polio-virus from your area. This gives additional protection.

My child got Polio vaccine last week. Now the health worker insists that I bring her for Pulse Polio tomorrow. Will that not be very early ?

Pulse Polio drops can be given without any harmful consequence. You should take the child for administering Polio drops tomorrow. There is no minimal interval for Pulse Polio drops.

To whom should we report a case of paralysis ?

Paralysis is the inability to move any part of body, limpness, falls etc. Paralysis in any child of 0-15 years of age should be immediately reported to PHC/district CMO/SMO.

Is Polio related to brain fever ?

No ! Polio and brain fever are different diseases.

How are hygiene and external environment related to Polio ?

Polio is closely related to poor hygiene and sanitation. The Polio-virus spreads through stools from the infected child and spreads rapidly to other children under bad hygienic conditions. Flies, open and unclean drains, accumulated garbage and poor personal hygiene increase the spread of the virus.

Is Polio hereditary ? color="#660066"

Polio is not hereditary and does not run in the family. Polio is caused by Polio-virus infection. Complete vaccination prevents it. Children in the same family are sometimes affected because none of them got complete and timely vaccination.

Now that Pulse Polio is regularly organised, is routine immunisation necessary ?

Yes, a child must get all doses of routine immunisation. This gives personal protection to a child against Polio. Through routine immunisation, child also gets vaccines against 6 other preventable diseases. The purpose of Pulse Polio as a programme is to flush out harmful Polio-virus from the community. This should not replace the routine Polio doses.

If the child has fever, diarrhoea or respiratory infection, can we still give extra Polio dose?

Yes, Fever, diarrhoea or respiratory infections should not stop Polio vaccination.

If the child missed getting Polio dose on today’s Pulse Polio, can he/she get it tomorrow?

Yes, a child can get Polio drops as soon as possible - within the next 2-3 days.

We have seen cases of Polio patients improve completely and you say Polio is not curable?

Improvement is seen in those children where paralysis is not due to Polio. Polio cases generally do not recover completely and this depends on the damage caused by the virus.

My child had received 2 doses of Polio vaccine when s/he was 6 month old. Now, one year later s/he has Polio. Why s/he got Polio after getting those Polio drops ?

Your child was not completely immunised. S/he should have got three doses before 1 year of age. She also missed all Pulse Polio drops. If those missed doses had been given, they could have prevented Polio in your child.

For Pulse Polio, why is there an age limit of 5 years ?

Nearly all Polio cases occur in children below 5 year of age and among these children circulation of harmful Polio-virus is greatest. If the circulation of Polio-virus is interrupted in this group, that will lead to stoppage of circulation.

What are the benefits of Polio eradication ?

Children will be saved from paralysis due to the Polio-virus. We can stop Polio immunisation and Pulse Polio. India will save a lot of money that could be used for other development activities. Globally, nearly US $ 1500 million will be saved annually – resources which can be used to tackle other health issues and diseases.