About OPV

What is Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)?

OPV contains live attenuated (weakened) Polio-virus P1, P2, P3.

OPV works at different levels -

  1. It produces antibodies in the blood to all three types of Polio-viruses.
  2. It also produces a local immune response in the lining of the intestines. Apart from giving individual protection against Polio, it also limits the multiplication of wild virus inside the gut.
  3. When administered simultaneously as Pulse Polio immunisation, it replaces wild Polio-virus in the community with vaccine virus, so that the wild virus does not survive.
  4. It can potentially immunise the community through faecal-oral transmission.

    The Cold Chain

    OPV is highly sensitive to heat. In order to retain its potency and effectiveness it must be stored and transported at a temperature below 8 degrees Celsius. This temperature must be maintained from the time the vaccine leaves the manufacturer, through shipping and storage, to the moment it is administered to the child. This is called the Cold Chain.