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Social Mobilization

Strategies successfully implemented by India National PolioPlus Society (INPPS) of Rotary International so far-
  • Launching an IEC blitzkrieg on a massive scale on each NID/SNID including distribution of banners, posters, leaflets, sunshades, T-shirts, face masks, whistles, slides, hoardings, vertical boards, audio cassettes etc.

  • Involving celebrities from the entertainment world along with Indian Cricket / Tennis stars. INPPS has been instrumental in involving Indian and Pakistani cricketers for the cause. Messages on polio immunization by cinestars and sport stars have often been aired on television channels and radio stations across the country by INPPS of Rotary International.

  • Conducting Media Workshops in the endemic districts of U.P. INPPS of Rotary International organizes media workshops in the endemic districts of western UP with the aim of sharing views and opinions between the media and the polio eradication programme partners. The District Magistrates (DM) of the respective districts preside over these meetings along with the CMO and government officials. Members of the media fraternity, both English and vernacular newspapers and electronic channels along with the State All India Radio, participate in these workshops, generating a healthy mix of views and ideas for the programme. Media persons are asked to give their inputs to improve the programme. These workshops provide a platform to vigilant media persons to offer suggestions for better implementation of the programme as well as for the eradication partners. It serves as a platform to build an interactive and healthy relationship with the media.

  • Broadcast of spots on All India Radio and articles in national newspapers, especially in U.P. with polio messages of Muslim clerics, Maulanas, Maulvis and scholars. INPPS had arranged for media interviews with highly respected and eminent Muslim religious leaders and scholars to address the issue of polio menace in their community, during which they urged their communities to cooperate in polio eradication initiatives and requested the Ulemas (clerics) of respective regions to help the campaign by educating the community about polio and installing booths camps at Madarsas during NIDs/SNIDs. The articles based on these interviews were published in leading vernacular newspapers of U.P.

  • Rotary Road shows - Rotary Polio Video vans showing films on polio at selected villages, mohallas for awareness.

  • Rotary rallies/marathon and organizing childrenísí marches prior to NIDs/SNIDs to create awareness.

  • Conducting polio corrective surgeries (PCS) and rehabilitation camps in the endemic areas of U.P., Bihar, Uttarakhand and West Bengal. Apart from contributing funds and carrying out advocacy, Rotary International in India has been implementing polio corrective surgeries and rehabilitation camps for polio-inflicted children. So far more than 6, 500 polio-inflicted children have been operated upon and rehabilitated through more than 85 camps held in different endemic states of the country.

  • Distribution of Polio comic books in Hindi language in the schools of U.P, produced by INPPS.

  • INPPS produced a cartoon film for the community and screened.

  • Organizing free medical health camps in the states of U.P. and Bihar. Health Camps were introduced as incentives alongside the PolioPlus programme by Rotary to address health problems with polio in focus. They are organized to treat illness and address problems faced by primary health centres in towns as well as remote villages. These camps organized by Rotary have not only been helpful in treating the needy patients but also in creating awareness regarding the importance of polio immunization and have proved to be quite useful in building goodwill among of these communities.

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