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Bureaucratic Advocacy

Kolkata Conclave

Meeting of senior health functionaries of Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal on April 30, 2003. The first ever meeting of Senior Health administrators and functionaries was convened by the India National PolioPlus Society of Rotary International. It was felt that concerted action by senior bureaucrats from polio endemics states-U.P., Bihar, Delhi, West Bengal and Jharkhand had become extremely important, in the wake of the growing menace of this crippling virus in these States and also to check its further spread.

The existing lacunae, shortcomings in the administrative machinery, cause of resurgence of the virus, specific blocks/pockets that needed immediate attention/ involvement of municipalities and panchayats was discussed. Some of the finer critical issues that were discussed included: Maintenance of cold chain; prior information about booth location; mode of distribution of IEC and measures required to override the heat factor during summer. A cohesive plan was drawn with long and short-term strategies at the end of the conclave.

Delhi Conclave

A similar meeting was organized with senior bureaucrats from five States: Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra on May 22, 2003. Of these, four are witnessing a resurgence of the polio menace. This meeting, like the one earlier, reviewed the plans made for polio eradication in these states, debated the shortcomings and sought solutions to remedy them by sharing experiences and unique strategies adopted in different states. Expert advice and assistance required by the states on certain critical issues were provided in this meeting.

Bureaucrats Meeting, Agra

In 2004, Rotary International organized an advocacy meeting in Agra in which bureaucrats of the 17 endemic districts in Western U.P. participated. The meeting was being convened specifically to get a feedback from the DMs and CMOs of these districts about the pitfalls and the constraints, if any, they are experiencing in the implementation of the polio eradication programme so that suitable strategies could be devised to overcome such problems. This provided a platform for these bureaucrats to express their opinions as well as focus on the polio eradication programme and strategies.

IAS Meet, 29 April, 2008

In April 2008, Rotary India National PolioPlus Programme organized a bureaucrats/IAS thanksgiving ceremony in Patna to recognize their contribution as well as propose more participation and support from them. The event which was attended by top bureaucrats of the state helped in creating goodwill and motivation amongst the state officers who reaffirmed their commitment to the programme. As a follow-up to this meeting, the bureaucrat/IAS Association directed all officials especially District Magistrates to give priority to polio eradication in Bihar.

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